Mornin ladies 🙂 OMG, wait to you see this post, I haven`t been this excited in a while about a blogpost. I have so much to share with you today 🙂

Unrelated –  I`ve been getting so many messages about how I`m doing after my surgery, so I`ll list an update at the end so not to put a downer on such a happy post 🙂

We`re going to start with the fact that Punki is MINI!! Yes, & I am so in love with her lil cute self I could just die! I`m wearing the NEW M3 Mesh Anime Head from Utizlizor. This is one of the best purchases I`ve made, it does so much, as you`ll see below, it`s full of customization options to make your anime completely unique 🙂

FRESH FACE SKINS has released appliers for these heads (called GRACE) & as you`ll see they are just too cute!! I`m wearing  that applier on my M3 head.

Finally to the EVENTS OMGacha & THE MANGA FAIR were both used in this post, I`ll break all that down in credits, but make sure you get to both of those, so much cuteness!!

Next, THE GATCHA GARDEN just opened, & although I`ll only show one creator from it in this post, I wanted to remind you that it`s now open & I`ll be bringing you more of those items over the next few days 🙂

The last thing I want to mention is to also remind you about GACHASL – the only online place to list all of your unwanted gachas! It`s SO EASY!! so don`t miss it 🙂 I also want to say a HUGE thank you to BON for helping me with this post & supplying mini Punki with her playground, you rock! <3

Enjoy the post ladies & HAPPY SHOPPING!

Ok, so this is the M3 Mesh Head wearing the GRACE applier from FRESH FACE SKINS 🙂 Look at all of the expressions, eye colors, eye decorations (stars, hearts) , eye positions (open, half closed, all way closed) even tears (just a few or down the cheeks).  Adorable!



 The next pic is a lil grainy, but thats from Grazo, I wanted you to see just how much fun I was having 🙂 lol


 If you can`t see this pic moving, please click here :

The rest is a bunch of pictures that I hope you`ll enjoy, they make me smile, so I wanted share them with you. Get ready for credits, it`ll be a huge list, lol

I promise these are cute!! ♥










 And that`s it!! I took the day (kinda) off yesterday after I came home from the hospital & just played with this, lol.

As always a great big thank you for supporting & visiting “Punki`s Fashion Passion!”


Head – UTILIZOR – M3 Mesh Anime Head

Skin Applier – FRESH FACE SKINS – Grace M3 Applier

Shape – TODDLEDOO – kid/girl shape (nails come in hud)

hair – D!VA – Asami

Top – skirt – & sandals – BABYSTEPS – lil sailor set

earrings – MISS LT. – Munequinha mesh earrings

Bunny flower seat (red & white shown) 6 animations per bunny – 7 commons & 2 rares available – MOOH!  THE GATCHA GARDEN

Strawberry Bag – LUAS – OMGACHA EVENT 

necklace – FOREVER  FAMOUS – beach beads   – OMGACHA EVENT 

teacup ring – PR!CK  OMGACHA EVENT 

lovely glasses – BLOSSOM – OMGACHA EVENT 

cupcake ring – LUAS  – OMGACHA EVENT 

blue bear & star blue ring – [ BUBBLE ]  – OMGACHA EVENT 

sandcastles – R(S)W – sandpile, castle pinwheel, fortress of bottlecaps, bucket & shovel OMGACHA EVENT 

beachy signs – ALOUETTE – mermaids this way, beach with sun – OMGACHA EVENT 

cute animal bags – MOOH! – pig, bear, cow – OMGACHA EVENT 

beach season gachas – fruit buckets, bubble guns, leg gun – TENTACIO – OMGACHA EVENT 

pink doughnut shoulder bag – PAPERBAG – OMGACHA EVENT 



Happy Cats – Meow Bento Boxes & backpack – LAYOVER – THE MANGA FAIR

mesh animal cute bags – NS CUTIE – round & triangle ears – bear, panda, pig, owl, frog (hud driven)  – THE MANGA FAIR

rose & daisy headband – AMBROSIA  – THE MANGA FAIR

cutie patootie giraffes – FOREVER YOUNG – THE MANGA FAIR

manga ears – ARISE – THE MANGA FAIR

sushi kitties – BIRDY

mermaid companion – MISHMISH

bunny umbrella – MOTIAME

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I`m really sorry about all the missing LM`s, my inventory is missing like 300K items right now, promise after Project Limited I`ll install again & be back to complete these, until then, you have the main lms to get you to the events k 🙂


So I`ve been getting so many messages about how I`m doing after my surgery, so I`ll list an update at the end so not to put a downer on such a happy post 🙂 I`m quite sore today & not sure how long I can sit here at a time. Come to find out I had bronchitis (unknowingly) and there was an issue with my breathing and bringing me out of anesthesia. Now, I have to admit, most of that is my own fault & so I`ve been doing some real soul searching since yesterday about what & how to make some life or death life changes that are much needed. I appreciate all of the love and prayers that were sent to me on my Facebook today, feeling loved is the best medicine in the world 🙂 I`ve only been married coming up on 2 years and so there is alot to live for, and I`m hoping that I have the will to do whats right and enjoy the rest of the time I have here. Prayers are always welcome 🙂 I love you all & thank you for your continued support for me & for Punki`s Fashion Passion, which yes, my blog is definitely another passion of mine that without you, there wouldn`t be…so thank you, will all my heart <3