Hi ladies 🙂 I want to start with an apology for so many pics on this post, I have to be honest though, I am so crazy about all of the items in this one that I just couldn`t stop taking pics, lol. I think I`ve ended up with 9 total, which isn`t as bad as I`ve done before, I know I`ve done much worse ;). Anyway, between the outfit, heels, & skin, I`m just in total awe of this look, and I hope you are too 🙂


Rebel Hope is participating in another round of FaMeshed – I just love the beginning of the month, because we always get something amazing from Rebel Hope, and her mesh creations are one of the best on the grid. Her items this round include “careless mesh top”, “jealousy mesh jeans”, and “redemption mesh heels”. As you can see at the waist line, the top was created perfectly to match these jeans, but that doesn`t mean that you can`t wear either of them with other options, just means together, you`ll achieve perfection 😉 Each of the items come in 6 colors, or you can purchase the Rebel Packs that include all colors. I would definitely Rebel Pack these ladies, they are all so well made, you just can`t go wrong.

The next item I want to mention is a new skin I purchased recently after seeing a Flickr pic. It`s an applier for the New Catwa Mesh head Jessica. From L`Etre Skin Shop – “Sugar Skin” reminds me of an Indian princess. She comes in multiple tones – 8 to be exact. Now I have to mention this, as someone who usually wears the Maitreya Body, with Slink Hands & Feet, I have to say I was a bit discouraged in how the appliers were sold. So I purchased the head applier, and then went to check out the body appliers to match. I noticed that the Maitreya applier was 450L, & I thought wow that`s a bit steep, but after getting home, I realized that you actually get all of the tones for that 450, so if I ever purchased other skins in different tones, it would definitely be worth it. Now, back to the hands & feet, if I wore the Maitreya Hands & feet, I would set with that one applier purchase, sadly, it`s not the creators fault that I wear different feet, although I think creations should consider this because every time I see the convo asking people which mesh bodies they wear, almost 99% says a certain mesh body but almost always Slink hands & Feet. Again not really their fault. I`ll mention that in addition to the Maitreya Body Applier, the Catwa Head Applier, that the Slink hands & feet appliers are another 150L each. So in total to wear this face with all of it`s appliers you`re looking at anywhere from 1500 – 1800L and don`t forget the purchase of your mesh head, mesh body & mesh hands & feet, phewww it`s expensive to be beautiful in SL, lol. One last comment, when you see a quality item that you fall in love with, it`s all worth it in the end, and the creators work so very hard on their items, so it`s our choice to buy, or not. All in all, I`m completely happy with this purchase and I think it`s a gorgeous skin 🙂 Note: if this is your first time purchasing skins from L`Etre, be very careful when purchasing appliers, read the signs carefully, there is 2 sets depending on which skins you buy, whether its an older skin or a new release, they are completely different appliers, so just take your time, I don`t want to see anyone purchase the wrong ones & not be as happy as I am with my purchase.

Isn`t she stunning?


And just check out the details on how this top gathers around the jeans. That`s experience ladies, this creator knows her stuff 😉




Sexy Heels!0

Hope you have enjoyed the post ladies – 2 more closeups to share & we`re all done, so you can get to shopping 🙂



Have a fabulous evening!


mesh head – Catwa – Jessica V2 – update available now!

mesh head appliers – L`Etre – Sugar Skin – Sandy Tone – NEW!

mesh body including hands & feet – Maitreya Lara V3

mesh body appliers – L`Etre Skin Shop – for Maitreya

added makeup – liner from DEETALEZ Amanda Hud

hair – Magic – HV42

nose piercing – POMPOSITY – gem piercing

top, jeans, heels – REBEL HOPE – Jealous Mesh Jeans, Careless Mesh Top, Redemption Mesh Heels – OCTOBER FAMESHED!! NEW!

nail appliers – ZOZ – blue liquid

ring – YUMMY – Tribal Ring Sun

phone – LIL THINGS – phone stars

necklace – PALE EMPRESS – Severina Medallion Necklace royal

lashes – WOW SKINS – lash 03

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – tender eyes

*Vendor pic below* Note: Lipsticks do not come with this skin applier, they are sold separately. You do get both non brow & brow version included. 


Redemption Heels – colors


Jealousy Mesh Jean Colors


Careless Mesh Top Colors


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