Good Morning everyone! 🙂 Well it`s Saturday morning & those that have followed my blog for a while know that between Thursday & Saturday, my post take me a while longer than usual due to RL work, so here I am once again with a post that I`ve worked on now for 2 days. I work a ton of hours in RL over the weekends, so when I get home, all I wanna do is sleep, lol. Unfortunately, I don`t do that too well, (sleep) & so I`m usually up & down, meanwhile working on whichever post I`m on throughout the night. It just comes natural for me now, after 3 years of doing this almost every weekend, I`m pretty used to it 🙂

The part that I don`t like is I`m usually pretty close to being finished when it`s time to go to work again, that drives me mad! Like, I just need one more hour! lol.

Anyway, I`ve surrendered to the fact that as long as I`m continuously working at it, it will eventually get done, lol

Enough of my babble, let`s get to why we`re here this morning 🙂

I`d first like to talk about the skin I`m wearing in this post. LOUX is a sponsor of 50 SHADES OF LUST EVENT, and has created this gorgeous skin, “Shauna”. Shauna comes in 7 tones, assorted eyeshadows & an extra lip color. She also comes with appliers for Slink Physique & hands & feet as well as the Omega Applier & for those of us who use this applier it`s the Holy grail of all appliers 😉 There is also Lola Tangos appliers as well as cute/phat azz appliers. Finally, there is TMP appliers & also for TMP heads. The skins come in a no brow option, and have all color eyebrow tattoos layers included. I`ll show you Shauna in the standard avi as well as on the mesh head.

Next, I`m a tad late on these items, however, I just couldn`t pass them by without showing them off. “Witchcraft” gacha items are from 22769 Casual Couture & were created for Fantasy Gacha, and you don`t have much time left, but if you hurry you can still get them 🙂 After speaking with the owner, I just found out that they will eventually be in the main store in case you miss them 🙂

And now to the rest of my look – from 50 SHADES OF LUST, (Babydoll, L Armoire, AviCandy, Aerial poses, Mundos & Pretty Liar) are shown in todays post, exact credits will be listed at the end.

A few more creators I`d like to mention – (Suicidal Unborn, The Plastik, Eclectica, & Dark Passions.) All of these wonderful ladies have sent me their awesome creations to share with you, thank you ladies! ♥

I hope you enjoy the post & have a fabulous weekend!


Shauna is really lovely on the TMP head. As you all probably know, I`m wearing the “moody” head, which pretty much always has the same look with the mouth (usually frown), but I was quite pleased with the lips on this skin, it gives it a different look that I haven`t seen from other creators.


Wearing the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body & used the awesome Omega appliers 🙂


Lots of pretty accessories!


Ok, so here is Shauna without the mesh head. This first group is showing the different skintones.


And this next group shows the eyeshadows, notice the different colors, I don`t often see these colors, and I love different, so this was a nice surprise. – Also, in the 1st pic, I`m wearing the additional pink lip color that`s included.

222I think that covers everyone 🙂 Thanx for stopping by & showing the love 😉


skin, makeups, & appliers – LOUX  – 50 SHADES OF LUST

hair – SIXTY NINE 01 noir

hairbase & eyebrows added to TMP head only – DEETALEZ SKINS – blacks

choker/collar – PRETTY LIAR – Babydoll Collar  – 50 SHADES OF LUST

Witchcraft Gacha – 22769 CASUAL COUTURE – necklace, malum, blindfold, earrings, belt, hat, witches wand, skeleton hands, cobra armband – FANTASY GACHA 

rings – skull rings – ECLECTICA – (scratched & weather beaten versions available) – GENRE

bracelets – Mystic Shot – THE PLASTIK

eyes – SU! Aileen eyes

septum – PUNCH – Audrey Septum – LUCK OF THE IRISH GACHA FAIR

stockings -suspender stockings – AVICANDY 50 SHADES OF LUST

heels – Lashea Heels – MUNDOS –  (tmp, maitreya, belleza, & slink) – 50 SHADES OF LUST

poses – AERIAL – my back poses – 50 SHADES OF LUST

latex shorts – L ARMOIRE – 50 SHADES OF LUST

leather bustier – BABYDOLL –  – 50 SHADES OF LUST

mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara V2

mesh hands & feet – SLINK


50 Shades Of Lust - Poster

Vendor pics are property of the creators and are shown here to display further details.

Eclectica Skull Rings (a bit weatherbeaten)

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