Good Morning everyone!! As promised in yesterdays post, I would bring you a full preview of the latest skin from EGOZY. This is Jaya, & I was instantly in love with her 🙂

She’s a stunner, wouldn't you say? Before I go any further, I just want to say that ALL pics in this post are RAW unedited pictures of this skin, with exception, the very first pic above, simply has a filter over the pic, but nothing edited at all. I really dislike when I'm reviewing a skin, seeing a picture that I adore, but when I purchase the skin, it looks nothing like the picture I first seen. I think it's the responsibility of the blogger to show you an unbiased opinion in their pictures when it comes to skin. We can write out how we feel, or even if we make a special edited pic, just say so, the customer deserves that ♥

[Let me tell you a little story about customer relations. More & more I see comments from creators stating that a customer contacted them & they refused to help because the customer “didn`t read”, and therefor felt like it was their own fault if something went wrong. Now I know that most of this comes from the tons of people trying to scam eachother, so I do understand. However, I’ve been in customer service pretty much my entire RL, and no matter how the situation played out, I never feel good if a customer walks away unhappy, for whatever reason. I know we can’t please everyone, but if a customer legitimately spends lindens with you, than by all means, I’d want them happy. So here is what I did….I seen a picture of the Jaya skin on Facebook. I followed the link to the demo skin on Marketplace (Not knowing that the demo included all tones – I just assumed that the demo was for the tone in the picture that I had seen.) And so where it says purchase the full item, I just clicked right on it & bought the skin. To my surprise when I tried it on, it was like 5 times darker than what I thought I was purchasing. I went back and looked at the steps I took, and my first mistake was NOT trying the demo, in doing so, I would have seen that ALL of the tones were included, and so buy clicking “purchase full item” I would have had no way of knowing which tone I was buying. Yes, you could say it was kind of both my mistake and the creators by having the pic show for all tones. Having said that, I contacted the creator, explained nicely what I had done, and asked if there was any way she could help me. Now, according to the “trending” treatment of customer, she could have told me, Sorry, but I have demos posted for a reason, and you chose the tone you wanted to buy and that’s it. Instead, she immediately said to me, can you please go now & try the demos to be sure of which tone you want & let me know. So I did, and let me tell you, the kindness of this creator didn’t stop there. I was blown away by her kindness and her willingness to make sure a customer was satisfied. When I thanked her, she replied” No problem at all, I love making people happy”. I could end this story here, instead I will tell you how that single action has not only made me very happy, but it will also help this creator. I posted a picture last night of this upcoming post. The response alone of people wanting to know which skin I’m wearing, and numerous “gorgeous, & beautiful” comments tells me that she will be selling more of this skin in the future. Today, I will post this full preview blog post that will go out to all of my readers. It will then be posted to Flickr & put into hundreds of Flickr Groups. Not to mention google & Twitter will automatically be sent a copy of my blog. Oh & feeds, that’s right, it will also be seen on about 10 different feeds. Talk about advertisement…..See how that works? Imagine that, Great customer service in SL, yes, it still exist. Thank you again EGOZY ♥]

Now that we have all of that out of the way, let`s get to the preview. Jaya is an applier for the CATWA MESH HEADS. She was created for the CAMI mesh head, so that’s the one you’ll see throughout the post, except at the end, I specifically state I’ve used Jaya on a few other heads. Jaya comes in 10 amazing tones. I will show you all of them below. No need to buy separate body appliers to match this head applier, each tone you purchase comes with the following body appliers, (TMP, Slink, Belleza, Maitreya & Omega), eyebrow color options & a no brow option, and a makeup palette that includes lipsticks & eyeshadows. Yes, all of these when you purchase A single skintone. You can’t go wrong with the price especially when it included everything you’ll need for your new look 😉

ICONIC just released a new hair, and talk about sexy, *whistles* – I just love this one! Bridget is rigged mesh and comes with standard hairbase. She showed up at ICONIC MAIN STORE on Aug 11 🙂 Go get her 😉

Hope you enjoy the post ladies – all links will be provided at the end.


*EGOZY – JAYA – cannelle tone*


EGOZY – JAYA – tones – porcelain, pale, light fair, fair, & tan0 - Copy

EGOZY – JAYA – tones, golden, cannelle, nougat, coffee, & brun
1 - Copy

EGOZY eyeshadows3 - Copy

EGOZY eyeshadows2 - Copy

EGOZY lipsticks4 - Copy

EGOZY lipsticks
5 - Copy

EGOZY lipsticks6 - Copy

Jaya was created specifically for the Cami Mesh head, but here she is on a few of the other mesh heads, Amelie, candy, Alice & Bibi.

*Note: Demos are available on Marketplace. Because the pics are the same on all of the ads, be sure to know which tone you are purchasing before doing so. This means you MUST demo first. The demo includes all skintones for you to try, PURCHASE NOW.

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mesh head (main pics) – Cami/ CATWA

mesh body – BELLEZA – Freya

mesh head & body appliers – EGOZY – Jaya – MARKETPLACE

hair – ICONIC – Bridget – MAINSTORE release

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – yana eyes

Bindi – CHARM – Chandria