Good Morning Everyone 🙂 We`ve watched the dynamics of avatar enhancements over the past year, first we had mesh feet, flat feet, arched feet, tip toe feet, then we had the Lola Tango phenomenon that is still the biggest craze in SL, then we had skin appliers for those mesh breast to help with blending the attachment points so that the colors matched & looked natural. Oh we also had alpha ears to make our avi ears disappear & prim ears with earrings. We have mesh avatars, and/or mesh heads. Next we have shoe designers creating online sites with cooperation from skin designers that supply their rgb values so that customers can wear a hud, click a button & the skin color applies to the skin portion of the shoes. Now we have the SLINK Mesh Hands & Feet Avatar Enhancement – You purchase the hands & feet, or one or the other, whichever or however you prefer, then you can tediously work on the rgb values for each & every skin you own to match those hands & feet, OR you can purchase the newest SLINK AVATAR ENHANCEMENT hands & feet, (or get an update if you purchased the older versions), THEN you can go back to the skin designer of whichever skin you want to match & buy the AVATAR ENHANCEMENT skin appliers. Basically it works the same as the breast appliers, it helps you to match the rgb values without doing it manually, it`s the “connecting” point so to speak so that there is no lines, or obvious connection spots. So now you have your skin, mesh breast, mesh feet, mesh hands, & now appliers for those breast, appliers for those feet, & appliers for those hands. lol Yes, it gets a bit confusing, especially if you own tons of skins like I do, however, there is a few skin designers that have already created a HUD that gives you all of their skintones with one purchase, which makes things much easier, then there is skin designers that require you to buy a hud per skin tone. I have bought a few so far & this is what I have found, 1.) IZZIE`S SLINK feet applier hud & mesh applier huds, have ALL of her skintones. (Very nice ;)) Izzie`s also has seperate huds for additional fingernail & toenail polish colors, yes, I had to buy them too, lol 2.) Tuli`s Skins, & Pink Fuel – both hand & feet applier huds, I bought them for individual skins. 3.) Adam & Eve has created applier huds for stockings & gloves to match these Slink mesh hands & feet too. La Petite Morte, League,  & PXL skins are a few more skin creators that have sent out notices that they have created Slink Enhancement hand & feet applier huds as well 🙂 The list for Tango Appliers is HUGE, tons of skin creators are offering them now, so appliers for your hands & feet are coming soon for your favorite skins.  Something is telling me, this is only the beginning of this craze 😉 Which leads me to wonder, what`s next, mesh noses? Then appliers for them too ? lol NOTE: in case any of you designers are reading this, a few suggestions – Can you PLEASE make your huds close able!! As a blogger, and shopaholic, sometimes I have multiple huds on my screen, if they have the ability to be closed & small, I`ll use your product more because I can leave it on my screen. Next, kudos to you skin designers who include a nail concealer for those of us wearing mesh or prim nails, thank you Tuli`s 😉

Today, I am wearing a skin from Tuli`s in “Powder” tone – a hand skin enhancement applier from Tuli`s in “powder”, and the Slink Mesh Hands. You wear the Slink mesh hands, click the applier hud & VIOLA! Your mesh hands match your skins perfectly! In summary, yes it`s confusing, & yes this all has the ability to get quite pricey, BUT there is no denying that once you have all the pieces in place, the look is amazing 😉

I challenge you to see a connection point on these hands…….you can`t, having these added skin applier huds makes it an exact match. The additional polish colors are a Hud that you can purchase from IZZIE`s 🙂


I forgot to mention that the SLINK Mesh Hands come in a plethora of hand postions, yes, there is a position for just about everything. You can buy them individually, (Casual shown above) or you can purchase the fatpack that comes with all of the hand positions. If you have any questions, you can contact me to help, or you can go directly to the SLINK Website & read more here.

On to another topic. What am I wearing? (Besides all the mesh body part attachments, lol)  These are called “Heather” jumpsuits & are the latest release from LERI MILES DESIGNS. They come in lots of beautiful colors. The “Owl” jewelry is from PHOEBE`s and is the Grand Opening item at the NEW Feebs Rascal St. Sales Room. Yep, another sales room 😉 I don`t know about you, but there can never be too many of these, c`mon we get great stuff at great prices, those that have a negative comment about ALL these places, well…..you just want something to complain about 😉



And finally, a close-up of a gorgeous skin I bought at the skinfair – TULI`S SKINS – “Zoe -Powder”


I hope I have helped make things easier for you with all these NEW things we have 🙂 Make sure you look for this LOGO when buying things to match your SLINK SYSTEM.


As always a great big hug & thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!”   Many of you visit daily & you make it possible to continue to do what I love & I love & thank you so much for that xo


SKIN – Tuli`s Zoe in powder

HAIR- Alice Project -Bells2


JEWELRY- Phoebe`s



EYES- Ikon Lucid Eyes “Lagoon”

Mole – Pink Acid

Few taxi`s for ya 😉

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Adam & Eve

La Petite Morte


Pink Fuel



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