Good Morning ladies 🙂 Today is one of those post where I just created this look in my head & then sat for hours playing with windlights & editing software, lol. I tend to lose track of time with these sort of post 😉 I came across this gacha from MEVA, “tudor gacha” – and let`s just say that I went temporarily insane, (we all know that feeling right? Just one more & you`ll get that RARE right? – hence it never did happen. *insert sad face*). Never-the-less, I found a substitution for the Rare, & I like the end result anyway.

The one item I definitely want to tell you about is from CUTE POISON – Sae just released these hanging lights for the WAYWARD , they come in black, silver, or gold metals. Everything this lil lady makes is so detailed, I just love seeing what she comes up with next 🙂 She also has these super cute personalized picture frames at the same event, vendor pic to show both will be at the end.

All other items will be listed in credits – HOPE YOU ENJOY & HAPPY SHOPPING!

Oh yeh, just a few facts that I get asked frequently:

1.) yes, I`m wearing the HOURGLASS SHAPE & probably will for a while. I stopped wearing the other shapes when I learned of certain creators being unfair with fellow creators & unwilling to give out developer kits to anyone other than their “personal friends” – How does this affect us you ask? I`m so happy you asked 🙂 What it does is it limits some of our favorite creators, and makes it virtually impossible for them to sell specific sizes that cater to that particular body. And basically, creates a monopoly in SL, which is completely against everything SL stands for. If you work hard and learn your trade, it`s unfair that someone can dangle their products over your head, tease your customers, but never allow you to indulge in any profit from your hard work. Do I personally love some of those shapes? Of course I do, but until SL stands together, and treats creators fairly acrossed the board, not just “friends” I will support the one that is fair to everyone equally.:) And here`s the bonus, The Slink Hourglass is my favorite shape anyway 😛 lol And Guess what? If people start realizing that they are seriously limited to what they can wear on “said body shape”, maybe they`ll choose another shape that is more creator friendly. 😉 Just my thoughts…..ok, enough on that topic, onto #2
2.) yes, links are provided, you just have to click the “taxi” button at the end. There is a full page of mainstore & event listings .
3.) Yes, you can leave comments & questions, there is a comment section at the end, I`d love to hear from you 🙂 I`ll usually respond within 24 hours.

Enough of my rambles, let`s get on with the post….






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Mesh body – SLINK – Hourglass
Mesh Head- LELUTKA – Stella
skin appliers – DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for LeLutka Heads *Face Kim* EBONY
mesh hands & feet – SLINK – casual & high
hair – EXXESS MESH HAIR – Hera A
eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – spectrum eyes
brows – ARISE -Mila Brows – SAD NOVEMBER
lip appliers – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Matte Lipsticks noir for Lelutka Mesh Heads

outfit – appliers – AVANTI – unholy – omega appliers
boots- BAX – Regency Boots (wearing Freya size)

face mask – PINK ACID – caged umpire black knit
tattoo – legs – ENDLESS PAIN – Black Rituals
tattoo hands – SPEAKEASY – mandala
necklace – MEVA – Tudor
earrings – MEVA- Tudor
rings left & right  – MEVA – Tudor
rings – ARISKEA – trance black/silver
bracelet /cuffs – MEVA – Tudor
nails/ claws – NANA – Tudor
feathers/boa/collar/ wings – GLITZ – Parts of black empire set
nose piercing – [ADN]

Hanging lights – CUTE POISON – black / WAYWARD MARKET

Cute Poison - Frames and Lights WM_11-12-15



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