Good Morning ladies 🙂 I`m going to show you a bunch of new stuff today. I`ve been told it`s a little odd how I go from a gothic or dark post to frilly & cutesy within days of one another. LOL, it made me laugh cuz I guess that`s just both parts of my personality, because I`m really comfortable with both of them. I also think it`s good to  include different styles so that more can enjoy my post 🙂 Having said that, my last was indeed, pastel pinks & blues, lol so that means today let`s go a lil` dark k?

SUGAR & CYANIDE has a few NEW releases & I grabbed a piece from this one & a piece from that one & created this look. Jay has released these super cute thigh high spats with a color changer, a few tops with appliers & I grabbed a super mini from another outfit “Filthy Tease”.

From POMPOSITY – What can I say, he just has so many NEW releases it`s insane! lol so I`ve completely over accessorized to show you a bunch of them 😉

SUGAR – a NEW spot I`m blogging for has released these “DOC CREEPERS” and OMG how awesome are these! They come in sooo many colors & patterns, I`m only showing you one of them today, I know, I must have bumped my head right? giggles.

So let`s get to it, because thanks to all of them, my list of credits is gonna kill me, lol

SUGAR & CYANIDE – “Watch this too” top with appliers.


POMPOSITY – Nipple chain & bracelets in above pic. Next pic, both rings, earrings, collar & necklace. Names will be given at the end.




The complete look….Both tops shown, “Watch this” & “Watch this too”




Yes, yes I did use a skin from Essences to do this, lol. This is “Sash” 01 from Collabor88 B-day celebration. I added teeth & tongue piercing from DeeTaleZ, stiches from POMPOSITY, and eyeshadow from MYSTIC CANVASS. Eyes are from Dead Apples.


Here is a pretty big selection of the NEW Releases from POMPOSITY – Belly Piercings, rings, bracelets, belly chains, earrings, necklace & collar.


 SUGAR & CYANIDE – “SPATS” Color Choices…






 Hope you have enjoyed the post ladies 🙂 Have a fabulous day & as always thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


Skin  – “Sash” 01 -@ Collabor88  ESSENCES     NEW!

Hair – “My Hair” Daisy black/brown – MONSO   NEW!

Eyes –  “Sinistre” Blackshot Blue – {D.A}

Both Tops – Mesh Chest “Watch this” & Netting Chest “Watch this too” – SUGAR & CYANIDE   NEW!

Thigh high spats – SUGAR & CYANIDE    NEW!

Forbidden Skirt – from the filthy tease outfit – SUGAR & CYANIDE    NEW!

Shoes – “Doc Creepers” – SUGAR MESH APPAREL   NEW!

Teeth & Tongue Piercing – DEETALEZ SKINS      NEW!

Mesh Breast – LOLA TANGO`S


Dimples with cheek piercings – ZOMBIE SUICIDE

Arm Tatts  – “Emily Dreams – SUPERBIA

Silver & Black Bracelet – (left arm) CRYSTAL LINE   NEW!

Lashes – “Diva” – REDGRAVE

Sunglasses – “Wyon” – BENS BEAUTY

Nails – JAMMAN

Ok, here comes the BIG list, lol


Note: a Few of these items have NOT been released yet, they are COMING SOON to the POMPOSITY Mainstore sometime in Sept. If you can`t find the item, feel free to message me & I`ll see if I get that process speeded up for ya 😉

Chained Cross Necklace

Nipple Chain     NEW!

African Neck Band      NEW!

Belly Chain      NEW!

Spider Ring with Diamonds        NEW!

Belly piercings  – Ring Piercings w/balls        NEW!

Gothic Cross Belly Piercing         NEW!

Pearl Flower Ring – (full color change menu)        NEW!

Earrings – Mirror Ball Earrings

Bracelets – Monster Mish Mash

Mouth Stitches       NEW!


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