Hi ladies! I have a ton to show you today! This post literally has taken me aready 6 hours today & I didn’t even get to the scenery part of the post I wanted to include, lol. But I noticed it was getting rather long already, so I cut it short & will save that for another time.

So let’s go over what we’re gonna see today. First, we’re gonna do a full preview on the latest EGOZY skin applier for Catwa Heads, Teyona. Speaking of Catwa, I’ve prepared a complete collage of this particular EGOZY skin on all of the CATWA heads. I know many of you like to see them side by side, so I am going to try to do this more often when previewing a skin. And finally, we’ll get to see the awesomeness that REBEL HOPE has created for this current round of FaMESHED.

I squeezed in 2 items from the MIDNIGHT MADNESS SEPT edition. Just a note, the round is over but you can still make it to the “last chance vendors” that will charge approximately 50L per item, believe me, it’s well worth it! I decided today, that I may very well skip the constant tp`s, & all the lag and just pay the 50L next month. Every item is so worth 50L. Thank you designers again for being part of this event.

Ok, so let’s get to the post & I hope you all enjoy it – HAPPY SHOPPING!


The first pic below shows the new TEYONA CATWA mesh head applier & matching body appliers from EGOZY. Also, the headpiece was one of the MIDNIGHT MADNESS items from Astralia, isn’ t is gorgeous?! And so I matched it with the orange color in the huds from REBEL HOPE. The Rebel Hope items consist of a bikini top that you can wear as is, or you have a choice of 3 color lace coverups to wear over top. (White, tan/or nude, or black) – I’m wearing the white below. There is also a matching skort as seen below. This comes with a metal color changer as well via the huds.



Here we have the Teyona applier worn on all of the CATWA heads, including the static heads. This collage excludes Linda & the last release, Anna. – Note: Teyona was created for the Helena Head.000000000

An entire look at the REBEL HOPE items, notice the 3 different lace options, or just the bikini top. There is an on/off button on the hud to do this.

I’m also wearing a tattoo from PIN*UP. Sakura is available at the OMG Room.

The boots were also from MIDNIGHT MADNESS from EMPIRE.


Teyona skintones. This skin was created to be a line of darker/black skins, so there is only 4 of them. The 3rd shade is my favorite. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


Teyona makeup palette – this is the lipstick options00000000000000000000000

Teyona makeup palette – this is the eyeshadow/liner options0000000000000000

And now a closer look at the REBEL HOPE top.0000000000000

More colors!000000000000000

And that is going to be all from me for todays post. Below are pics property of the creators. 




Thanks for stopping by!


mesh head – CATWA – all

mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara

appliers for all – EGOZY – Teyona all tones / Maitreya Glow appliers all tones

hair – ANALOG DOG – Proud Mary

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – yuna eyes

clothing – REBEL HOPE – Leah Mesh Skort, & Kellie Mesh Top @ FAMESHED EVENT

boots – EMPIRE – Freesia

headpiece – ASTRALIA – Blanche Headband / orange

tattoo – PIN*UP – Sakura – @ OMG room

nails – FORMANAILS – Ballerina Nails