Good Morning Ladies 🙂 I have to admit that I`m having way to much fun blogging this event. THE BOHO CULTURE FAIR has so many items that I`m just in love with. I`ve always loved posting about Boho, or the hippie look, so I`ve had a ball with this one. I`ll also admit that I`ve gotten carried away once again in how many looks I`m going to show you, lol. So be it right? You come here to see what you have to look forward to when you visit, so why not give you as much as I can 🙂

For those that don`t quite understand the “Boho” Trend, I have done some research in hopes of clearing this up for you. It was actually quite  controversial as I looked into the topic. Here is one statement I found to describe the topic best. ” “Boho Chic is the epitome of a free thinking artist, whose look encompasses a vintage inspired style with earthy tones, loose fitting clothes, and combining certain looks to appeal to an eclectic vibe. This seventies-inspired trend is an mix of luxurious textures and contrasting fabrics.” (FashionBlogspot.com /Lilboypeep)


So it seems most opinions that I`ve seen is that Boho Hobo is combination of thinking, attitude & fashion, and much less about living as a vegabond – hence “Boho Chic” which would describe all of those 🙂 Hope that helps. And hope you enjoy the post on one of my very favorite fashion styles.


I love that for this post I was able to bring out some of my favorite items. The background started with a campfire from Katink & I added lots, lol pillows from Miasnow, boho bags from Meena, my peace bear backpack from Demented Dreamworx, and a few of my cuddly animal friends.


I was going for a great hang-out spot to relax by the fire, chill out on some pillows, and listen to some awesome music all in the company of some amazing friends 🙂


Now to THE BOHO CULTURE FAIR ITEMS – The first outfit I`m wearing is a combination of a few creators. First, my hair is perfect for this look! From TABLEAU VIVANT. The maxi skirt is from Legal Insanity & the beaded fringe top is from Delirium Style. I added a cropped denim jacket from my inventory. The beaded headband is from SUGAR & CYANIDE gatchas :).


Here we have a great prop from AXIX ANIMATIONS. It includes the guitar case & multiple poses. “Traveler Rocker Posepack”. You can find this item at THE BITACORA TRAVEL FAIR 🙂


Wow, at night sure gets foggy once the sun goes down, “Where`s the smores?!!”


This next outfit is a combination of rainbow colored jeans from :EM: , and a beaded fringe top from DELIRIUM STYLE, (the beaded fringe above & the one below are BOTH from DStyle, as well as many more colors available- 16 total colors.) The hair is from Mina from my inventory, and the necklace is from Maxi Gossamer.



My boho campsite 🙂 I love it!


The next group of pics will be close ups of individual items. THE BOHO CULTURE FAIR is all about the “Maxi Skirt” and I have so many beautiful ones to show you from many creators. You be the judge, pick your favorite & go get it! 🙂

Legal Insanity – Rowan Long Boho (individual sell)888

ZOMBIE SUICIDE – Boho Skirts – color change hud

Fashion Fears – “Hippie Skirts” (individual sell)999

PURE POISON – “Boho Skirts” (Individual sell)111

PL – Anwen Long Skirts (color change hud)000kDm – GN Skirt – (color change hud)444This next look is a combo of a GIFT top from SASSY! & maxi skirt from *SLAVE* Nora Gypsy Skirt with belt & color changing hud 🙂 Hair by MINA.77777777



Who`s the pretty girl showing you all of this? Glam Affair “NEVA” of course 🙂 And the other items I`m using are – Eyes by Ikon – Beaded Headband by Sugar & Cyanide – Hair by Tableau Vivant. Retro Hair flower gift from Tram 🙂  (inventory items)



Accessories used – “The beaded Daisy Braided Bracelet” is from SHABBY CAT & can be found at the BOHO CULTURE FAIR. The following picture will show you all of the colors it comes in, 2 braid colors & multiple bead colors, that bracelet is super cute!!

Inventory items (not part of this fair). Daisy ring/Maxi Gossamer, Bead necklace/ Maxi Gossamer, Turquoise Beads hand & wrist combo bracelets/Zaara, Flower Belly Ring/POMPOSITY, Peace Bracelet/Earthstones, White shell & pearl bangle/Zaara, Turquoise Ring/yummy  and nail appliers from nine inch nails.

♥ this bracelet 🙂 SHABBY CAT17

This look is a combination of a fringe vest from MM “Saruka Hippie” ,jeans from APHORISM “Hipster Bootcut” ,earrings from  Yokana  & belt from JPK, (other colros available). Hair is from MINA. The following pic shows you the vest close-up.12

These super cute boho ankle boots are from ARISARIS. “SACHA BOOTS”


These last items are all from YOKANA – “Boho Corset & Tutu” Top in green, gold & red.
555 Yokana – Boho Hearts Blouse – & “Darling Rouge MiniDress (special price at the event).666

I won`t even begin to tell you how long this post took me, lol. I know, I know, I can hear all of you right now, & believe me, I TRY to make short post, lol

Giggles* HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES 🙂 And as always a great big hug & thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


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