Hi ladies! Today I wanna tell you about another new event – this one is called THE FOREST. Most of you are familiar with the LUXEBOX right? Well, it kind of works like that, you pay a fee up front, as you do with LUXE, but instead of receiving the hud when it opens to get all the freebies, you actually go to the sim, wear the tag (that you receive when you purchase your ticket) and then every booth you see, you get to click on the items & they are all FREE! As I said it`s pretty much the same thing, except for 2 reasons, one you stay home & get all the items sent to you & the other you need to go grab them, the second difference is with the LUXEBOX, you don`t know what you`re getting ahead of time, which I kind of really like that surprise, reminds me of Christmas or Birthday presents, lol. With THE FOREST, you can check the shopping guide on the website & even go & look at the items. But you won`t be able to get them unless you`re wearing the tag. The FOREST sim is absolutely gorgeous, so you won`t regret going to visit. I will however say that the lay out is a tad confusing. Not sure if a map exist, but I wish I would have had one. I went past the same places a few times & wasn`t sure when I was done, lol. So I checked out the website HERE and seen the designers involved, made sure I had grabbed all of their items & then I was pretty sure I had gotten everything. I will however mention that one creator listed isn`t actually there, ([Shultz Bros., unless I just completely missed it, but I don`t think so.) 

The cost of THE FOREST ticket is 1000L, there is 18 creators, so each item works out to costing you about .56L, not bad at all, especially when you see the items. A few of the creators have put out fatpacks, and a few of the skin places give you multiple tones, so those in itself pays for the whole thing. I`m going to link you to the FOREST WEBSITE, the list of participating designers, and of course the shopping guide. 

My personal opinion is that this is another great idea. With so many events popping up, I love that designers & event coordinators are getting creative and doing different things with events. It keeps things exciting. As much as we all love to shop, it does get a bit redundant going from location to location seeing the same designers over and over. Don`t get me wrong, most of those creators that we continuously see are some of the best on the grid, so of course we want those items, it just makes things a little more interesting when there is a theme or game like idea behind it all.

Hope you have fun ladies. I plan to go back just to grab some picks once it slows down a bit, because it`s really a gorgeous build.





Click video to see the sim!




Pics of the sim


Shopping Guide – remember these are .56L each!!

the forest shopping guide

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