Mornin Ladies 🙂 I`m going to get right to it today. We have a ton of ground to cover & more than a dozen pics to see. I`ve going to go over a few events..THE MANGA FAIR...OH MY GACHA ……& THE COLLAGE….Yesterday`s post was a bit heavy on the OMGacha items, today will be heavier on the Manga Fair. I`ll continue to blog as much as I can from the events through the month, but remember I`m leaving for Vacation on Thursday & then next Wednesday I have surgery, so the next 2 weeks could be not as often as I normally post, but you know if there`s a way, I`ll be here 🙂

We`ll also look at a recent release from DEETALEZ, CRAZY KITTY & RUNAWAY HAIR as well as items I picked up at SUICIDE DOLLZ. Lots & lots of new stuff to talk about, so as you go through this post, you`ll understand why so long, lol.

Above pic is showing all the above that I just mentioned….now to just show you that & a list of credits wouldn`t be fair to you, so let`s break it down 🙂

Hope you all enjoy  & HAPPY SHOPPING!

This next pic is pretty self explanatory..however, notice the brows…this is brow type 2 from DEETALEZ, on a no brow ANKA Skin with the lovely color brow packs brows that are now available for ALL DEETALEZ SKINTONES 🙂 I`ll show you all of the colors available when you get to the RunAway Dreads portion of this post.


Most of the items you see here are available at this months round of THE COLLAGE.…aren`t they adorable! I love all the flowers & colors, I would really love to have a patio like this…wouldn`t you? We`ll see creators from SHUTTERFIELD, THAINO DESIGNS & DREAMSCAPES. I`ll be doing another post coming soon with Spargel & Shine & also Cozy Homes.  ALL of these creators I just mentioned are on display at THE COLLAGE this month.


My outfit consist of items from THE MANGA FAIR & OMGACHA. – From BUBBLE GOTH at THE MANGA FAIR, we have thee adorable Kawaii Mask..there is so many of them, you`ll see them ALL below :). The {Blossom} Accessory Bow (purple with white polka dots) comes with a color hud that you`ll see below too.


From a MANGA FAIR SPONSOR – FOREVER YOUNG brings us these super cute giraffe plushies. I`ll also show you all of the giraffes further down in this post.


I picked up this dress from POPTART (comes with the black pearl necklace) & the Candy Antennas & tail all from DIRTYSTORIES, both at SUICIDE DOLLZ. Each come in 10 great colors! Next from CRAZY KITTY, these are one of my favorite tights that I own, my Panda Tights come in assorted colors & will match any Kawaii Outfit 🙂 From PERCH, I`m wearing these so adorable Cuppycake sneakers in “Licorice” and a matching Sweet Case. There is also sweaters to match (not shown). The Kawaii toast wallets come in multiple colors and also toaster bags, shoulder & wrist held. You`ll see all of these below in all the available colors.

Note : I added the lil bunny plushies to my sneakers , they do NOT come like this, you can find these at the Glitzz Mainstore in a gacha.


From the Collage THIANO DESIGNS – “Tara Garden Swing” animated for 2 avis is shown in the next pic.

The wooden table shown is from Dreamscapes as well as another the same with a flower print, it is shown in other pics.



SHUTTER FIELD created this amazing patio, the picture is showing 2 of them together, just to give me more space to display the furniture, but it`s called the “Corner” Patio. The barrel planters are also from SF and the Urn Planter in the front left corner. There is also patio chairs & shelves available.

The large pretty trees you see are also from THIANO, called the “Swing Tree”. Those of you that got addicted to the Mutrese Gnomes, Thaino Designs creates planters in this collection with lil gnomes in them too 🙂



Thaino Designs – “Tree Of Light”…. ( I added the gnome on the swing) You could too ! 😉

And now to this awesome hair from RUNAWAY – Amelia Dreads can be found at the The Summer Of Love Fair. Below you can see all of the colors available for Amelia, as well as the different color brows you can get for Any tone of DEETALEZ SKINS in the 2nd  group of pics.


No brows with color brow pack added from DEETALEZ.RA2

THIANO DESIGNS – “Tara Garden Swing” is too cute!


OK, so here is where I show you other colors & where to go play everything 🙂

PERCH – Cutie sneaks & sweet bags – THE MANGA FAIR

MODEST – Toaster bags & Toast Wallets – THE MANGA FAIR

FOREVER YOUNG – Cutie Patootie Giraffes – THE MANGA FAIR

PEKKA – Heart & Wings Rings & Gradient Nail Appliers – THE MANGA FAIR

BLOSSOM – Accessory Bow & Color hud. – THE MANGA FAIR


[ BUBBLE ] Assorted Cute Necklaces & Rings – OMGACHA 

CREATIVE STUDIO – “Move Bitch” Spiked Knuckle & RLV Leash Holder & Color hud. – THE MANGA FAIR

Purple Estrella HORNS – LUAS (MAINSTORE)


lastly , more items from THAINO…..Comfy Chair, Lounger with footstool, & garden bench….

I know it was a bit lengthy, but I hope you`ve enjoyed it. Now you have to run all over SL 🙂 Oh & one more thing, once you go play all these gachas, I just know your going to have extras to sell….don`t forget GACHASL.COM . Click there & it will explain everything, if you still need help, I did a complete post on how it works HERE.

It`s the easiest, quickest & NEWEST way to sell your unwanted gachas, even the RARES!! 😉


And that will be all from me for this post 🙂

As always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO”

Skin – DEETALEZ Anka
Color Brows – DEETALEZ
Hair- RUNAWAY Amelie
Lashes – MON CHERI falsies
Eyes- IKON – ardent Frostbite
Clothing –
 Vintage Kitty Dress – POPTART SUICIDE DOLLZ
Accessories –
single gnomes – MUTRESE (From The Arcade)
Bunny Umbrellas – MOTIAME – ONEWORD
Purple Bunny Puppet shoe addons – GLITZZ 
Chunky Beaded Bracelets – SNUGABUGS
Bumblebee Companion – OHMAI
Roly Poly Picnic Basket w/books – BONNE CHANCE 
ALL other accessories listed above……
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