Hey ladies!! Omgosh, I swear I never meant for this post to get as extensive as it has, but somehow, once I started focusing on all of the new items, the post just blew up!! Looool. Yes, this one will be pretty extensive 😉

First, I have to admit that I seriously have a weakness for skins & makeups…all of it, lashes, brows, tat layers, shadows, freckles & on & on. I could literally sit for hours and hours changing makeup, hair color, skintones, lipsticks…it`s never ending, I just love creating new looks. This is part of what happened to me on this post. ESSENCES just released this new skin, “Bijoux”, and I instantly fell in love with her. I then proceeded to try all of Bijoux`s lipsticks, and she also has appliers for Loud Mouth, so I just had to try them out ;). Not to mention, PMS just released a group of eyebrows..in all colors, and also modifiable. Once, I figured out that I could tint the brows to match the freckles & the gorgeous hair I`m about to tell you about, phew, the party had started, lol..

So speaking of this hair, Good Lord MODA…she has really done it on this one. All of you that got the “limited” Helena outfit, already have this hair, it came with the outfit. It has a 12 color amazing hud and of course I`ll share those colors with you. I`m trying to find out if you can purchase this hair now without the outfit, and as soon as I do, I will come back & edit this post to let you know. Update – there is a few of the limited outfits left on MP – click here (hair is included) .

So much to tell you about, but 1st I want to remind you that CARNEVIL is still open, you have just a few more days till this round ends. I`ll show you poses (Vestige) & a tattoo (Datum) from this round.

Big news from ZOZ nails – a brand NEW hud system was just released. These NEW huds require the newest update of Slink hands & feet, so make sure you go get your free updates. The NEW nails now come with “materials” so they look even more realistic than before & the best part is it`s now just one hud for both hands & feet! The 1st release for this new system is called “Peacock”. There is 3 varieties, Peacock Natural, Peacock with white tips & Peacock with black tips. All 3 can be found at this round of Cosmo that runs from March 1st – 15th.

Other newness comes from DIRTY STORIES….yes AGAIN! hehe they are totally on a creating roll & I am perfectly ok with that 😉 Today`s NEW item is called “Dark Soul Headpiece”, petite little skulls in your choice of metal colors, black, silver or gold.

The skull septum in either a single skull or a group of 5 are both NEW from POMPOSITY. These also come with a metal color change menu and resizer. The 5 skull septum is an EXCLUSIVE at this round of Suicide Dollz, and the single can be purchased at the POMPOSITY main location.

At this months FaMeshed, REBEL HOPE has 2 NEW items, Brook Mesh Dresses, and Glam Slam Mesh wedge heels. The mesh dress is adorable with a big fluffy bow and the heels have dangling tassels that set these shoes apart from all others. Both items come in multiple colors, and the bow can be changed to a separate color from the dress. Did I mention that there is NEW colors added? 😉

And finally, the ARCADE craze is upon us once again, and this time I`m speaking of DAVID HEATHER. The name of the set is called “Double Agent” and has so many wonderful items, I included a few of them in this post with a new desk set I just got from NOMAD. Also featuring ROWNE (sunglasses) and NYLON OUTFITTERS (Lucky Cat Charms)

I hope you enjoy the post, I`ve broke each section down to show you closeups of everything…why not right? Every creator deserves equal attention, they work so hard to help make us beautiful!

Let`s go shopping!


In the very top pic is Bijoux with added beauty marks & freckles…below is Bijoux again in a clean skin & then again with freckles only. All of them I`ve added Loud Mouth & PMS brows (tintable). ESSENCES includes a total brow hider, so you can add any brows that you like 🙂


Here is a few of the NEW Bijoux lipsticks. Aren`t they cute!!?!! You can also see the single skull septum closeup from POMPOSITY.


This next picture shows you a few of the different colors for Moda`s adorable hair & also a few of the NEW PMS brows. I`m showing different colors of brows as well as different shapes. There is 7 total NEW brows from PMS, and remember you can tint them 🙂 For you bushy brow lovers, check out the 2nd row over (bushy red brow) 😉


This last section shows the ESSENCE SKINS Loud Mouth Appliers – I have to say they are one of the best I`ve seen, I had very little editing to do to get this mouth to look good, the color matched the skin perfectly! I`ve added assorted lipsticks for Loud Mouth from a few creators, ARISE & DAZED.


Here we see the NEW headband from DIRTY STORIES as well as items from NOMAD. (Desk & chair set gacha – Nomad Mainstore). My sunglasses & necklace are also new from the Arcade – Glasses/ROWNE gacha. – Necklace/ Nylon outfitters gacha.


Showing the NEW releases from REBEL HOPE at this round of FaMeshed. How do you like my new rotary phone? lol 😉 I love it! New from DAVID HEATHER gacha at the ARCADE.

Poses are from VESTIGE – “Victorian” 2 packs available – both are at this round of CARNEVIL.


I recently found out about NOMAD from blogging for the THRIFT SHOP. I really liked the quality of the items, so I went over to check out the main store….there I picked up this great office set. Go check them out 🙂 Also showing more DAVID HEATHER items. (laptop case, cell phone, agent watch, disguise case & rotary phone.)


When you have an opened back dress, you have to have a great back piece right? Of course you do, and I knew right where to find it….PMS Tattoos with “Henna Crazed” (back piece). PMS tattoos can be tinted in edit mode, so you can change to whatever color you like :). All appliers are available for mesh bodies, and she`s in the process of updating all older tatts to work with Omega. Full vendor pic will be shown at the end for more info.

The arm tattoos can be found at CARNEVIL from DATUM – “Dark Paradise” comes in fresh & faded and appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Omega, The Mesh Project, and also system clothing & tat layers.


More on the dress – which color do you like? And would you use a different color for the bow or make them the same color? The choice is yours, as you`ll see below, I`ve showed a few options and matched the heels as well. 😉


You didn`t think that`s all I`d show you on the heels right?

I squeezed in a few closeups of accessories. Headband from DIRTY STORIES (middle pic) / Top & Bottom pic are the POMPOSITY septums.


The last pic shows the NEW nails from ZOZ. Details are listed in the description section at the top.

extras – GACHA  Wee rings from SHADENFRUEDE/ La Primitif PodPod in black.


Other credits NOT mentioned above –

Bitch arm band – POMPOSITY – coming soon


lashes – falsies – MON CHERI 

eyes – honey – SUICIDAL UNBORN

liner – NAR MATTARU – goth liner

hair – MODA – Helena Outfit Hair

pim teeth – with & without braces – ATAXIA (new name Medley)

mesh mouth – LOUD MOUTH – alli

mesh hands & feet – SLINK


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A special thank you to all of my wonderful sponsors ♥

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