Good morning ladies 🙂 So I knew with the release of the “Cute AZZ” yesterday that I would want to do a post on that compared to the Phat AZZ, however, I decided that since I`ve already seen so many post, so many comments, pictures etc, that I wouldn`t make that the main focus of todays post. Instead I will show you my take on the whole azzcapade situation at the end of this post. It will include all shapes given in both packs, so you`ll be able to see it all in one place. Having said that, let`s move on to today`s post, which I am sooooo excited about.

Meet “LINH” a Brand New Asian Skin Release from DEETALEZ SKINS. Linh is honestly so stunning, that you`ll see I just couldn`t get enough of her, lol. She comes in 3 tones, all of the eyebrow & no brow options, 4 brow shapes, alpha lash remover, show teeth alpha, 5 tintable lip tattoos & even the Linh Shape 🙂

In the next pic, I`m wearing a beautiful lace corset from “Lolita” . You can find this at the Boobie`s Show complete with appliers. The panties are from Gang/Cold found at The Azz Show & stockings are from Chary.

From Suicide Dollz I`m wearing “Famous” Mesh Dermals from Hollyweird & “Titty Tags” from Pure Poison – this comes with a hud to change the wording.

My tattoo is from Identity “Hustler”


This is the vendor pic for Linh – property of DeeTaleZ.


Here I wanted to show you the 3 tones available for Linh with nothing added, no lashes etc…. & she`s still gorgeous!

1. Celtic – 2. Nordic – 3.) Mixed Type


Linh in Celtic tone with liner, upper lash only & full lashes. How will you wear your “Linh”? 😉


This is my choice of how to wear “Linh”…..a basic top lid liner only. This is gel liner from Buzzeri.

Next, ZOZ has outdone herself with this next nail applier, I must say this is now my favorite! Just released from ZOZ hand & feet appliers for your Slinks 🙂 “Natural Glitter Tips”


Here is how they look on your toes..oooo so sexy!

Also wearing toe rings from Blushed & crystal tatts from LaGyo.


Accessories added – Bullet Bracelet from Pomposity, stockings with bows from Chary, Bitch ring & studded bracelet from Munique.


And that will conclude that part of the post – now to the Azzcapades 🙂 I have seen a TON of comments & opinions about these mesh bums from L.INC. and all I have to say on this matter is this – which ever one you choose that fits you best, or if you choose to not wear one at all, it`s completely your choice and no one has the right to tell you how to dress your avatar, nor belittle you for your choices. Having said that, I hope you find one that you love like I have, & I reveal my choice of all of them at the end of this 🙂

From left to right we have in rear view:   1.)CuteAzz   2.) CuteAzz with fuller legs   3.) Phat Azz    4.) Phat Azz with more inner thighs   5.) Phat Azz with thicker legs.

This is EXACTLY how they are named in the packages.


Side view:    1.)CuteAzz   2.) CuteAzz with fuller legs   3.) Phat Azz    4.) Phat Azz with more inner thighs   5.) Phat Azz with thicker legs2

Basics – 1. SL standard system avi (size will vary- focus was on shape)    2.CuteAzz    3.PhatAzz.999

Ok, now that I`ve showed you them all, I have to say that I do understand the demand for the cute ass. The smaller avis will do better with this one, as the phat azz seemed to be a little large for tiny avi`s. The phat azz works well with a larger avi. Now, having said all that, no matter which sized avi I had, I would choose the Phat Azz & here`s why. I was actually looking forward to the Cute Azz mainly because it will work easier with most mesh, as for now you are stuck with wearing a ton of applier clothing on the phat azz, & once in a while you get lucky that something mesh will fit over the PhatAzz. BUT……now that the Cute Azz has been released, I myself, & this is JUST for me, I don`t like the bottom part of the cute azz, meaning the cheeks. To me, it looks as if it`s been smooshed upwards if that makes any sense. It`s not as round as the PhatAzz which I think is more attractive. But please, don`t take my word for it. In this post, I`ve given you the facts, the pics are raw pics. For each one, the belly fat sizes are different, although that doesn`t change the cheek appearance. There are other sliders which will change the appearance as well…Leg Length, Hip Width, Hip Length, Body Thickness and Height. – again, none of these will change the cheeks 😉 But they will however change the hips & the “gap” that people are very opinionated about.


Whichever you choose, find one that makes you happy, I will use them all, because I`m a blogger & that`s what I do, bring you the latest trends in SL 🙂 Have a fabulous day ladies & HAPPY SHOPPING 😉

As always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

A very special thank you to my sponsors for allowing me to share your creations.
Skin – “LINH” – DeeTaleZ
Hair- “Bella II” – Alice Project
Lashes – “Falsies” – Mon Cheri
Liner- “Gel Liner” -Buzzeri
Eyes- “Promise Eyes/Grey” – Ikon
Clothing –
Corset – Lolita – “Deana” with appliers
Panties – Gang/Cold “Hildy” with appliers
Stockings – Chary – “White Spiked Bow Socks”
Cozies- Reign -“White Cozies” – works with bums 😉
Accessories –
Earrings- Chandelle
Bracelet- Bullet – Pomposity
Bangle- Studded White Leather – Munique
Ring – Geek – “Atrim”
Ring – Bitch – Munique
Ring – Ice Queen – Chop Zuey
Nail Appliers – Natural Glitter Tips – Zoz
Titty Tags – Pure Poison
Famous Mesh Dermals – Hollyweird
Tattoo – Identity – “Hustler” with appliers
Impants/ Mesh Body Parts –
Mesh Breast – Lola Tangos
Mesh Hands & Feet – Slink
Mesh Bum”s”  – L.Inc.
Poses- Props & Backgrounds or Locations if applicable
Poses – Assorted Imeka – (I own 1000`s of poses & as you see I usually take many photos, so I generally will grab one creator per post & use their poses, assorted packs.)
Taxi`s you may need 🙂
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