Good Morning ladies 🙂 I am so happy to be bringing you this amazing build from DRD featured at the Winter Edition of Oh My Gacha. For those of you familiar with “The Phantom Of The Opera”, you will see just how hard this creator has worked to duplicate the Phantoms Lair. I, for one am still in amazement, even having used it for 2 days now preparing for this post. The amount of detail is by far exceptional. I honestly don`t even understand how anyone would get this much time to do this much work, but..I`m not a builder, so I must admit I`m completely clueless, and my job here is to share her unbelievable work with you 🙂 I believe there is 19 separate parts to this build, and I know once you have them all, you will feel like you`ve just hit the jackpot, lol. I know I would ;). I`ve taken about a dozen pictures so you can see all parts of it, trying hard to feature the build rather than my avi, however, I had to play dressup a bit and am wearing a gorgeous gown from Tori`s Stylez, I will link you to it at the end in credits. I`m also wearing one of the RARE gacha skins from ESSENCES also at OH MY GACHA.

Have a look here at this video – 🙂  Just click the picture below to view a clip (approx 5 mins).



I hope you enjoy the post & have lots of fun playing the gachas HERE!

The Phantoms Lair Skybox complete with decor, and animations (adult & cuddles).













Alice Oh My Gacha 08 brunette RARE!


Jaime`s FLICKR f54fa5d0caf99446f0eeecd55ef2b93d

Doesn`t this just leave you speechless?

AMAZING WORK DRD – and thank you for allowing me to showcase your work <3


All props shown – DRD – The Phantoms Lair gacha – OH MY GACHA EVENT

skin – ESSENCES – Alice 08 Brunette Rare – OH MY GACHA EVENT

jewelry – Crystal Line (no longer around 🙁 )

Vintage Holiday Bauble – SOUZOU EIEN

gown – TORI`S STYLEZ – Chani Gown – click here, comes with lots of add-ons, not shown – jewelry, veil, gloves.

hair – DAMSELFLY – yes, I`m wearing flexi hair, don`t judge me, I still love this one!! 😛


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