I`ve had the pleasure of blogging for so many amazing designers lately. The Events that I`ve been blogging for have been awesome & I just want to thank the designers who actually send your items to the Event bloggers. I won`t go into that further because I just refuse to participate any further in the negativity between designer/blogger, however I will say thank you because as a blogger that works hard, & also wants to see all of you succeed, we help each other 🙂

Having said that, let`s get to todays post. I have more goodies from THE DARK STYLE FAIR, THE WORLD GOTH FAIR & now I`m introducing to another NEW EVENT that just began yesterday – THE RISQUE BUSINESS FAIR brought to you by Krave Inc. Event dates & taxis will be listed at the end.

Pictures have been taken on the World Goth Fair Sim, it`s so amazing, even if your not going to shop, you really should go see it, oh & while you`re there, take some time to play with windlights, I know I could stay there for hours doing so.

I hope you enjoy the pics & I`ll list all credits for you at the end 🙂 HAPPY SHOPPING!





Ok …so as you know, I never quite feel right if I don`t show you closeups, some items REALLY need to be seen closeup, so with good conscience I can`t NOT show you, so bare with me through the next few pics while I`ll share with you closeups, & huds…things I think you`d want to see 🙂

The 1st pic is showing closeups of the SU! eyes & the hud for those eyes. It`s also showing the hud for the SU! glasses, as well as the hud for the face piercing from DIAMANTE & KINK (note: the eye color & mouth stitching changing colors).


Next we have the “Skelly” stockings from STATIC and the THIGH HIGH BOOTS from DRD. These boots come in so many different colors, below I`ll show you a few of them 🙂789

And lastly, all of the accessories I`ve used in this post, names & locations to find them will be listed in credits.


And that will be all from me for this post 🙂

As always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

Skin – Olivia B MixedType  – DEETALEZ 
Hair- Hecate Hat Hair (hat not shown) – SPELLBOUND / THE DARK STYLE FAIR – MAY 17TH – JUNE 7TH
Lashes – Dramatic – THE HV:
liner – Lucana Eyeshadow (white) – BY SNOWTHE WORLD GOTH FAIR MAY 15TH – JUNE 1ST
eyeshadow – medusa – (bruise) #ADORED / THE DARK STYLE FAIR – MAY 17TH – JUNE 7TH
Clothing –
Shirt w/tie (Male) Diamon Head – ANCHOR & CO. / THE DARK STYLE FAIR – MAY 17TH – JUNE 7TH
Stockings – Skelly – STATIC
Grunge thigh highs – DRD (read below) / THE DARK STYLE FAIR – MAY 17TH – JUNE 7TH
Boots – Note: there was a ton of questioning going around about could these boots be worn with any of the implant bums, and so I tested them & I was actually shocked at the results. I was expecting the [banned] or the cute azz in the smallest sizes to fit, but I was wrong. Both of those, the back inside thighs stick out. The Phat Azz however with the thinner legs does fit, so that`s what I`m wearing in this post 🙂 Now you know, go ahead you implant lovers, you can go grab these now 🙂
Accessories –
Tattoo – Wonderland – RECKLESS
Face Tattoo – Dark Side Face Paint blk – SPEAKEASY / THE DARK STYLE FAIR – MAY 17TH – JUNE 7TH
Glasses – Pris Glasses – SU! / THE DARK STYLE FAIR – MAY 17TH – JUNE 7TH
Mesh Nails 2.0 – Nail Appliers Hands – Silver Stripe – ZOZ
Skull Hands wrist – Bone Bracelets – BLEINSEN & MAITAI THE WORLD GOTH FAIR MAY 15TH – JUNE 1ST
Horn (forehead) Skrim Horns – ARISE / THE DARK STYLE FAIR – MAY 17TH – JUNE 7TH
Horns w/chains – Damned Princess Horns – DIRTY STORIES / THE DARK STYLE FAIR – MAY 17TH – JUNE 7TH
Impants/ Mesh Body Parts – (If I`m wearing them, these are what I wear listed below
Mesh Breast – Lola Tangos- LOLAS
Mesh Hands & Feet – SLINK
Mesh Bum”s”  – L.INC    [BANNED] OR Phat/CuteAzz (wearing the Phat Azz in this post so the boots will fit specifically)
Poses- Props & Backgrounds or Locations if applicable
(I own 1000`s of poses & as you see I usually take many photos, so I generally will grab one creator per post & use their poses, assorted packs.)
Used my AO poses – Vista
” Blog My Feet” Chair poses for closeups of DRD Heels by SOMETHING NEW
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Just for fun 🙂 I logged in today & a friend (designer & store owner sent this to me) I was soooo flattered that they thought of me, & just want to say a huge thank you, I love it! <3



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