Hi ladies!! This post is going to be from this round of the Collage. I`ve also added in some other items as well. It will be a ton of credits, so I`m going to right to the pics, because I`m going to be forever listing credits this time, lol. You`re going to see some amazing items this month at THE COLLAGE, one particular build, I fell in love with, seriously, I`d live in this place. Although, it`s more suitable for a nice little store, I would seriously consider living on the second level, it`s just too cute! Without further a due I introduce you to

SPARGEL & SHINE – “Annie Antique Corner Shop”


This is the inside of the Corner Shop..- most of the decor is also from SPARGEL & SHINE.

There is also items added in from BAUWERK & SERENITY STYLE. From Bauwerk, the items on the counter, antique cash register, vintage globe, engine room telegraph, & sextant, as well as the chair, ottoman, & end tanle to the right of the counter.

From Serenity Style, Old Style Travel, Sweet Luggage, & The Vintage Sewing set on the left.

All of the antique rose furniture on the right, including shelving, wall pictures, & curtains are all from Spargel & Shine.


Isn`t this just darling? 🙂


Serenity Style sewing set. (Stool, table, sewing machine, fabric, dress form, sewing wall board all included). Reflection Mirror & Vintage flower pic are from Spargel & Shine.


This way leads you to the stairs to the 2nd level. The wardrobe is also Spargel & Shine. The second level could be so many things, if you make a store, you could have more of your sell able items . However, as I have done, you could make it your private office, OR I also changed it into a bathroom getaway which I`ll show you from Serendipity Designs, also part of THE COLLAGE.


2ND LEVEL.  (items shown are from Bauwerk) Build is still Spargel & Shines Annie Antique Corner Shop, I really love this lil building 🙂





After all your hard work, don`t you need a nice serene getaway?

90% of what you see is the collection including the floor is from Serendipity, I`ve added in a few candles from Cozy Homes (also a Collage Designer), tubside candle cluster from the next designer you`ll see from the Collage, Dreamscapes Art Gallery & flower arrangement from Spargel & Shine. There are so many days I`d love to lay back in this antique clawfoot tub, dim the lights, light the candles & just let SL drift far far away 😉 In RL I had a clawfoot tub when I was a child, they are soo beautiful.

I`ll turn on the lights so you can see these gorgeous items a bit better 🙂



Now we`ll take a look at Dreamscapes Art Gallery Item for this month…The “Vintage Painted Cabinet” with candle display is on the right. Doors and drawers open & close.

To the left we have the Bramley Dresser with sewing decor from THIANO DESIGNS at this months Collage Collection.


This is the remainder of the collection from Thaino Designs, sink, craft organizer, flowers, & stool. Still showing the Corner Shop from Spargel & Shine.


Next we`ll see this months items from COZY HOMES. An enclosed screened in Gazebo with adorable furnishings.


Inside – Butterfly engraved planter with tree, trellis hanging garden swing, bench, sidetable, Muskokoa Chairs, & lanterns.


Another nice spot to relax….


Also at the Collage this month we have PRIME that includes a flower field, buckets of hibiscus, animated picnic benches & cafe sets (not shown). Fencing is also available.



The final creator at the Collage I`m going to show is ShutterField. Below you`ll see Garden Easels, Garden Benches, Painters Stools, & Painter Palettes, assorted colors available 🙂


Hope you ladies are ready to get your shop on 🙂 Head on over to the Collage, this round runs for two weeks starting April 23rd until I believe the 7th, so only a few more days, so hurry, lots of cuteness this time that you don`t want to miss 🙂

Other item locations are:

Serenity Style Luggage – past gatchas, maybe available at main location. Travel Trunk Gatcha & Vintage Sewing Set are both from the Fantasy Room that opens tomorrow!

Bauwerk –  Nautic Deko Set (Vintage Globe, Telegraph, etc), Classic Deco Set, (red velvet drapes, old style cash register, gold leaf lamp, & mahogany table), Old Leather Set (shown in the corner of the upper level  included library chair & ottoman with deco) & the Vintage Desk Set (desk & chair). All of the items shown were from the Home Show 2014, I`m sorry that this has ended, however, they make such quality items, & I love their vintage stuff, so I had to share with you. I did speak with the owner though & the items are now at the main location, so if you love them like I do, you can still get them <3


SPARGEL & SHINE – “Annie Antique Corner Shop”

Vase & bouquet, lace sheer curtains, antique dress form, Annie Antique Rose Screen, Pewter & silk ceiling light fixture, Annie D Millinery Ad Poster, Bergere Rose Armchair, fashion plate, ornate side table,  Austen perfume ad, Annie oak wardrobe, Annie oak mirror w/reflection, Ornate table marble & gold, ornate table gold, couch fine shoes ad, & shabby rose poster.


sink (7 anim), toilet (5 anim), bathtub (67 anim including coupes & sex), shower (45 animations including couples, sex & sequence), towel rack, towel basket, thin dresser w/deco, wall art.


Vintage Painted Cabinet w/candle display


Bramley Dresser with sewing decor, Bramley Shabby Sink, Bramley shabby stool, craft organizer, flowers, orange, yellow & white, & lunch in a crate.

COZY HOMES – “Screened Gazebo”

Hailey Collection bench & sidetable, Garden Swing Trellis, Garden Swing – adult, children, cuddles & couples, Muskoka Chair, Butterfly Planter & tree, lantern & hanging candle lantern, & cluster of candles.

PRIME – “The Prime Garden”

Animated Picnic Tables & Cafe sets, flower field, potted plants/flowers, fence & decor.

SHUTTERFIELD – “Garden Easel Sets”

sf painters stool, sf painters palette, sf painters easel

NOTE: I posted an earlier blog with LUMIERE –click here


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