Sometimes no matter how hard we try to keep up…..LIFE just shows up and can leave us exhausted. From school, to work, to friendships, relationships and even family, at times we may feel drained from all ends, and just need to get away. I can personally say that this happens to me a lot and somehow I`ve perfected what I call…”emotionally checking out”. And that`s exactly how it feels, I just get so overwhelmed and tired that I shut my brain down. no thoughts, no rationalizing, no nothing, just quiet….. I find in these times I get to refuel, to slow down everything and everyone around me, catch my breath, relax my insides and catch up. It`s only that and then after a good nights rest that I can emotionally check back in and participate in life. I hope that makes sense, but it`s the best I can describe how it feels to me. The reason I bring this up now is because of today`s post….”tranquility”. My real life has been insane lately, we`ve all been sick, trying to continue to work while sick and take care of home, etc….and finally today once I got home from another exhausting day at work, I just needed a break. So as I do often to relax, I logged into SL, on my platform all by myself, and spent hours creating today`s look and taking pictures. Most wouldn`t believe how long it takes me sometimes, lol. I often think of as like a puzzle, I have a million pieces (my inventory), and I have to find pieces throughout my inventory to create a picture. It really is so tranquil, so peaceful….and I`m thankful I have this creative outlet.

Today`s look started with a new skin from DEESSES BOUTIQUE. She`s been busy creating lots of makeups, so when a skin comes out, I get really excited, today`s is named Adele, and I`m intentionally wearing the lightest tone possible, “caffe milk”. DEESSES BOUTIQUE has all of the appliers that you could need. This one I`m wearing today is for the CATWA Mesh Head & either the SLINK or Maitreya Mesh Body.

I`ve put together a look with a Kimono I just picked up at Collabor88. A few years ago when I first started SL, I was so into Kimonos, and creating that whole look with every new one that I bought. So when I seen a new release MESH Kimono, I jumped right on it. I`ve paired it with a headpiece from ASTRALIA for the Flower Power Event. At the same event, the tattoo I`m wearing is from IDENTITY, the colors are very different but worked perfectly with what I was working on, I just loved it! Next I needed just a small applier top to cover my breast in some of the poses, so where better to find just what you need when it comes to applier clothing than ANYBODY right? So that`s what I did, and so I`m wearing a black bandeau top from NAIVE. The top comes in multiple colors and Omega appliers. Remember that the theme is still “Maroon” at AnyBODY, so I`m also wearing makeup appliers from ARISE, maroon liners. These are for the Catwa Mesh Head.

At THE THRIFT SHOP, you can find these Love/Hate rings from [BUBBLE], the rings are copy & mod if needed ūüôā

My hair is from enVOGUE, Isabella comes in rigged and fitted versions. I accidentally requested the wrong color pack, you know I normally stick to blacks, lol. So I had to wait for the perfect time to use this one, and I think it worked out perfectly. This color comes in the “dark Color” pack. I`ll share a view of the color hud at the end so you can see the other colors in the pack as well.

For my tootsies, lol. – POMPOSITY created these lovely gem foot chains that you can find at THE THRIFT SHOP. Don`t worry about fitting, they go on perfectly to match your SLINK feet straight from the folder to your feet :).

Finally, my last news is to tell you about the jewelry set I`m wearing from EMPYREAN FORGE. I happen to have them on my Facebook, so I was lucky enough to see this as soon as it came out & I instantly fell in love. These are sold separately – “Yang” Earrings & “Yang” Pendant. They each come with 8 different color ropes/cords, and the pendant (necklace) has an additional 8 color stones to change the large stone that the dragon is holding. Isn`t this set just stunning?!! You can find the Yang Collection at ENCHANTMENT.

Happy Shopping ladies!!







[ bubble ] Love Hate Ring Set





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CREDITS – (taxi button under credits)

mesh head – CATWA – Jessica

mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara

all appliers (catwa Head – Slink & Maitreya Body, Slink hands & Feet) – DEESSES BOUTIQUE

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Rika Eyes

hair – enVOGUE – Isabella/ Dark Colors

headpiece – ASTRALIA – flower impact @ FLOWER POWER

makeup (eyes)- ARISE – Maroon Liners – @ anyBODY

makeup (lips) – CATWA lips applier

necklace –¬†EMPYREAN FORGE – Yang Pendant – @ ENCHANTMENT

earrings – EMPYREAN FORGE – Yang Earrings – @ ENCHANTMENT

top/bandeau – NAIVE – @ anBODY

kimono – …SILVERY K…. – Kimono/gown/black – @ COLLABOR88

feet chains – POMPOSITY – Red Gem Chain Maille Feet Chains

bracelet РCHOP ZUEY РEccentric Samurai 

tattoo – IDENTITY – Sweet Love @ FLOWER POWER

rings – love/hate – [BUBBLE] – THE THRIFT SHOP

flower rings – IT! – (Indulge Temptation) – Enchanted roses @ FLOWER POWER

nipple cover – DIRTY STORIES – Tiny Nipple cover

nail appliers – DARK PASSIONS – night magic

fan.uchiwa – SWEETAHOLIC



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