Hi ladies! So we have lots to go over again. From SERENITY STYLE, so much cute stuff coming from her lately, it’s almost hard to keep up 😉 I will list all of her items below in credits so you can run to grab this adorable build, as well as the sink area, soooo cute!

From BUBBLE, wall decor with lots of moons. So pretty!! (Details listed below).

I wanted to put together not just a bathroom, but more of a comfy washroom. A place to kick back, read a book, allow the kitties to chill, but still able to water the plants without a whole lot of hassle. I think it turned out rather cute.

ULTRA just ended, and I’ve included a few more items from the last round, basically a few more makeups that I knew you could still find at their mainstores, however, the new round is about to open in just a few days.

From MON CHERI, always a homerun anytime she releases a swimsuit or lingerie. Her detail is amazing, and she’s one of those creators that releases just enough that the market isn’t over saturated or every item begins to look similiar. I just love her items and I have for years now. This suit is at this round of UBER. The hud is awesome, grab the fatpack for sure, because you can change everything, the gems, the colors, the metals, it’s so awesome!

I wanted to try out the Genus head again, by the way, I hear she put the Beta back out for all of that missed it the first time. I’m wearing a very pale version of EGOZY this time specifically for Genus and also Hourglass. I usually go dark when wearing Egozy, but thought I’d switch it up and try something different.

The different makeups I’ve added are from POEMA, ZIBSKA, & JUST MAGNETIZED.

My eyes are from SU!, c’mon, you knew that, I am wearing SU! eyes about 99% of the time,lol. These were part of Lootbox, (Nocturnal Eyes).

I think that about covers everything. Don’t forget ULTRA ROUND is about to start with the list of creators just released (listed below). Get your L’s ready!!

Happy shopping everyone!

Makeup from ZIBSKA, eyes, blush & lips.

The green is from Poema.

Mon Cheri swimsuit & new shape (by me) for Slink Hourglass

List of creators participating in upcoming round of ULTRA!

■ Set-up Begins: 10th of Every Month
■ Set-up Ends: 14th of Every Month
■ Early Access Blogger & Vlogger Network, Dirty.Pretty, FMD, Orchard Heights, Love to Decorate, SLBloggerati Begins: 14th of Every Month
■ Opening Day: 15th of Every Month

Here’s your taxi!

Thanks for stopping by!


GENUS Project – Genus Bento head  Mocap

Egozy.Aaliyah (Porcelain)GenusProject/Omega appliers

-SU!- Nocturnal Eyes /FX/ (L)
-SU!- Nocturnal Eyes /FX/ (R)

^^Swallow^^ Dragon Ears (L) protruding
^^Swallow^^ Dragon Ears (R) protruding

Slink Hands – Dynamic – Female L
Slink Hands – Dynamic – Female R
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass

Doe: Crinkle Fries [FIT] – Indecisive

~GD~Mokki’s Way(Claws) – L&R

[ bubble ] Synara Halo with color hud – @ MAINSTORE

**RE** Anabella Anklets – SLink High
**RE** Anabella Necklace
**RE** Anabella Armlets – SLink Hourglass

(Yummy) Unicorn Rings – Slink Dynamic

*Mon Cheri* Soraya Bikini Top – Fatpack – Hourglass – @ UBER, JULY ROUND
*Mon Cheri* Soraya Bikini Bottom – Fatpack – Hourglass

Zibska Viera Eyemakeup Omega Applier – These were at the last round of ULTRA, however ZIBSKA makes tons of gorgeous appliers, and you can find them at the mainstore or at this UPCOMING round of ULTRA again about to begin soon 🙂
Zibska Viera Lips Omega Applier
Zibska Viera Blush Omega Applier

P O E M A – Ariadna Eyeshadow (past Ultra round – see Mainstore)

Just Magnetized – Essential Hairbase – set 01 for OMEGA


Serenity Style- La Hacieda de Morelos
Serenity Style- La Hacieda de Morelos -LIghts
Serenity Style-Morelos Ladder
Serenity Style- La Hacieda de Morelos -LIghts

Serenity Style-Capriccio Mirror
Serenity Style-Capriccio Sink
Serenity Style-Capriccio Plant
Serenity Style-Capriccio Soaps

Serenity Style- Bring it to me – candle

[ bubble ] Moon Phase Wall Hanging Decor B&W -Limited Edition only 100 copies available – @ LIMIT8 EVENT
(New round full of limited editions is already running, my new exclusive is the [ bubble ] Moon Phase Wall Hanging Decor! The Limited Edition is a B&W version with the moon pattern and still 4 options for the Bar/Frame and limited to 100 copies. The regular one includes 10 texture/color options for the moons (different than the limited). Unrigged mesh with the weight of 1 or 2Li at current size, copy and modify with materials enabled.)

GA Home – Her Towels

:[P]:- Catpuchino

Ariskea[Sunkiss] Aloe you vera much
Ariskea[Sunkiss] Aloe Flower

Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Mint Vase & Peonies

[Black Bantam] Kitten In My Glass Decor

[ keke ] lab vase coupe
[ keke ] lab vase jar
[ keke ] lab vase sphere
[ keke ] lab vase cone
[ keke ] lab vase coupe

Pixel Mode – Ansley Towel Ladder

[The Forge] Summer’s Retreat Aloe Plant

(NO) Cat Head Pot – Polkadots

dust bunny . camellia potted plant

*CS* Mary Lou – Candles

Nutmeg. Rug Creme


08. Lagom – Cat-ccecories [Ball mess]

02. LAGOM – Tropical Breeze [Plant A]

dust bunny . potted cheese plant

tarte. macrame hanging chair

tarte. rattan globe light

tarte. hanging planter (clay) 3

tarte. hanging planter (cement) 4

:CP: Natalie Patio Hanging Bulb Candle

{vespertine}- exotic plants / button fern

{vespertine}- exotic plants / pilea

Ariskea[Perly] DreamCatcher Dollie

Foxes – Safia – hanging plant 1

Cat Lady – Wall Decor – Apple May

{what next} Wall Hanging Plant #1
{what next} Wall Hanging Plant #3
{what next} Wall Hanging Plant #2

Little Llama – CATS!2 – Bookshelf

JIAN :: Floofy Felines – Cat Napper (RARE)

JIAN Pudgy Persians 2. Adult Wanderer RARE

JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Wanderer

Jian :: Kitty Pillow (Stripe)

Jian :: Kitty Pillow (Prints)

JIAN Pudgy Persians 16. Orange Grubbin’ Kitten

JIAN Kitten Collection :: *FaMESHED Bonus* Sitting Kitten

JIAN Pudgy Persians 6. Orange Companion Kitten


Concept} 05. ZEN SPA. Roll Towels

floorplan. pile of books