Good morning ladies 🙂 I`ve been working on this post for 2 days now, I`ve taken 118 pictures, lol No, you won`t have to see all of them, but this is going to be a huge mega post, I think close to 30 pictures total, sorry ;).  A few of the reasons for this is~  First the SKIN FAIR 2013 opened, so I have a brand new skin EXCLUSIVE to the fair from WoW Skins, then a new event opened called LIASION COLLABORATIVE and REBEL HOPE is one of the designers there & she has some super cute dresses for you just in time for Spring & Easter :). Finally I`ve been promising that I`d bring you AHN-JI FOOTWEAR`S full line, and I today I have it for you 🙂 So we have lots to cover, I`ll warn ya, probably should get your Lindens ready now, lol. Let`s start with WoW Skins..

Introducing “CANDY” (exclusive skin ONLY at the Skin Fair 2013)  – Candy comes in 2 tones, tan & sunkissed, she has lots of make-up options, cleavage options, a modifiable shape, and also skin appliers for Lola`s Tango`s. Both sets of pictures show a “nude” skin as the last pic.  (without eye make up)


These are the 2 tones, tan above, sunkissed below & all of Candy`s Make-ups.1candy sunkissed.jpg

Next we have REBEL HOPE at the NEW LAISION COLLABORATIVE with “BIANCA” Mesh Dresses. These come in pastel colors, linens & also dots. These are soooo cute!! (Note: every pic features the Candy Skin)














The shoes seen above are ALL from Ahn -Ji and the last pic is the NEW “SPRING” Heels from AHN-JI, which brings me to the rest of her NEW Collection…..

Here we have the SHAORI COLLECTION – This is “YIN YANG” in red. The hud is something brand NEW from AHN, and I`ve never seen this style hud before. So I`m going to show you a few options of each shoe so you`ll understand everything you can do. Below you will see the first shoe in red & black, the next shows a line of studs on the heel, then a few more on the front sides & finally the last option is the full studded shoe, front, sides & back. You can also change the heel color from 3 choices, the color of shoe you are wearing, black, or cream color. You can also change the sole from tan to black.


Next we have SHAORI – Yin Yang in black.6

Shaori – ZEN HEELS. Version 1 & 2.8.zen.jpg

Next we have the ENTIRE Shaori – FABRIC THREAD COLLECTION – same hud system as above, and many colors to choose from. The first pic below shows you all options. Top row shows heel color – also changes the front middle part, you`ll see color, beige, & then black. Second row shows one row of studs on heel, heel color change in 2nd pic, and then full studs on the 3rd pic.


Brown Fabric Thread Shaori2

Bright Red Fabric Thread Shaori4.jpg

White Fabric Thread Shaori


Pink Fabric Thread Shaori – again, all Hud options shown…12.jpg13

Yellow Fabric Thread Shaori15.jpg

Beige Fabric Thread Shaori16.jpg

Black Fabric Thread Shaori – all options shown..10.jpg11.jpg

And believe it or not, we`re all finished 🙂 Phewwwwww, now it`s time to send you on your way, go ahead, click a taxi & go shopping!!

Rebel Hope – Mainstore

Rebel Hope – @ TLC

WoW Skins Mainstore

WoW Skins – The Skin Fair 2013 sim 1

Ahn -Ji Footwear Mainstore.


As always a great big thank you for visiting & supporting “Punki`s Fashion Passion!” Muahz xo


Necklace, Earrings & Bracelets – Maxi Gossamer

Egg Earrings – POMPOSITY – upcoming round of PRE-Release ..theme, Easter.

Nails – Izzie`s – Long French Manicure

Ring – Glitter Globe – Xia`s Boutique

Hair – 1st hair – Pink (FD) New Romance @ Collabor 88 – 2nd hair Magdelina from Truth (Auburn)

Clutch – Boom @ Liasion Collaborative (blossom) in pink

Shoulder Bunny – D*lab – Gatchas @ The Arcade.

Lashes – Glamorous REDGRAVE

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