Good morning again ladies 🙂 So many goodies out right now, it`s hard for me not to try & bring you all of them! 😉 There is a NEW craze in SL. First we had Slink Mesh Hands & Feet, then the appliers for those nails, and skin appliers to match up those hands & feet with the rest of the body, then it was Tangos, or Lush (Mesh Breast) or whichever of the many implants to choose from, and of course skin appliers to help match those to your body. And now …..it`s the BOOTY! That`s right, mesh bums, lol. L`inc has just released the “PHAT AZZ” which is basically a mesh bum, quickly after, skin companies are scrambling to get out their appliers to use with these bums.

Here is my thought on this……I honestly love all the creativity & yes, I`m one of them that runs right out to get the latest releases on whatever is going to be “the next hot item”, however, since the creation of mesh, we`ve seen a shift from clothing layers (the painted on look) to mesh clothing, actually clothing that fits OVER the body instead of ON the body. Now we have these bums, & we`re suddenly going back to layers, the clothing appliers that everyone is releasing is all layers, painted on items. Why wasn`t this planned a little better, first of all, the bum doesn`t fit any of the “standard size” mesh clothing that we`ve all just spent a small fortune on, and are these creators going to now release that “one more size” mesh clothing that will cover these bums? I personally hope so. I don`t miss “the layers” at all, and I can`t wait till mesh clothing starts being made for the use of wearing “WITH” the “Phat Azz”. I doubt I`ll be purchasing many of these clothing appliers for now, event with the mesh bum, I think I`ll wait & see what happens & continue wearing my mesh clothing with my own bum, lol. But for the sake of keeping you informed, I did run out & grab a pair of jeans with these bum appliers just so I could show them to you. Also, I have a few of my sponsors making these clothing appliers, so I`m sure this won`t be the last time you see me wearing layers again, I`m just hoping it doesn`t last for long 😛

Having said all that, WoW Skins has released a gorgeous skin named “Yvonne” with the “Phat Azz” appliers. Of course all of her skins now come with the Slink Appliers, the Tango Appliers & now the Phat Azz appliers.


From the NEW round of SHE & HIM, I`m wearing a jacket from VISION, “Cabali Mesh Jacket” these also come with matching pants (not shown). I`ll be bringing you much more from this September round of SHE & HIM in these next few days.

The “Floral Jeans” actually come in 2 styles from Hard Candy for 99L. (Just released yesterday)  NEW!

Miss Canning has been releasing a ton of items through a group I blog for “I love to blog” group. I`m wearing a NEW top from her & also NEW “Divine” Wedges”. Both of these items come with texture change huds.


The “Joanna” Top comes with appliers for Tangos.

From POMPOSITYNEW Belly Chain & Flower Belly Piercing (This is a really cool belly chain, there`s a cross in the back as well, I`ll show you a closeup in the next pic).





 And that is all from me 🙂 HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES ♥

Many thanks for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


Skin – “Yvonne” WOW SKINS    NEW!

Hair – “Just a reason” – EXILE     NEW!

Joanna top with applies – MISS CANNING   NEW!

Divine Wedges – MISS CANNING     NEW!

Floral Jeans – HARD CANDY    NEW!

Jacket – “Cabali Mesh Jacket” – VISION (SHE & HIM EVENT)   NEW!

Earrings & studded bracelet  – MUNIQUE

Potion Necklace – {W&R}

Belly Chain & piercing – POMPOSITY (Chain coming soon)    NEW!

Eyebrow Piercing – “Kali”  LOULOU & CO.

Dimples & piercing – ZOMBIE SUICIDE

Lashes –  “#06” – PLOOM

Makeup (Shadow) – MYSTIC CANVASS

Mesh Breast – LOLA TANGOS

Mesh Bum – “Phat Azz” – *L`inc*     NEW!

Eyes – “Sinister Eyes” – D.A.     NEW!


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She & Him LOGO-2