123I am pretty sure I`m safe in saying that anyone you ask, when you say the words REMARKABLE OBLIVION, the response will be the same…..AMAZING, BEST ITEMS ON THE GRID, MUST HAVE`S & I could go on & on. It seriously warms my heart every time they release a New Item. I have been blogging for Seb & Blair since the very beginning, when they would release a little flower ring & a bow headband 😉 I knew even then that there was something special about these creators. Release after release, I`m pretty much floored at how far they have come. If you`ve never seen an RO product, although I really don`t even know how that`s possible unless you`ve been under a rock, lol then you really owe it to yourself to go on over to their main store & have a look around. If you appreciate talent & fabulous textures, you`ll love being there. It was just this evening that myself & a few others were discussing SL Fame & how some feel that they are above or better than others, when in all reality, each one of us is a person sitting behind a monitor playing with pixels.  Some make this their sole income, & that`s wonderful if you`re able to do that, but bottom line is that no matter how successful your business becomes on SL, it doesn`t give you the right to think your above anyone else. Having said that, there is exception to that rule. Of course there will be evil, cruel & uncaring people, people who thrive on drama, some that even get a strange enjoyment in others pain, and so in these instances, yes, I do hope that you rise above & be better than that :). I almost lost track of where I was going with all that, lol. My point originally was that the Owners of RO have remained humble, it`s actually cute, because Seb is just so damn talented & like us all still doubts it, and Blair, just as sweet as she can be is still the same very sweet person I met a while back. Never once have they given me the vibe that they think they`ve arrived on some special SL  pedestal. And for that, I wish them both happiness & continued success.

My original title of this post is “You never really know anyone.” and I called it that for a few reasons, mainly because I`m constantly reading others post about this one crossed them & that one loved them yesterday & stabbed them today, so it`s been on my mind just how easily we all can allow others in, trust them & believe in them, only to be let down, disappointed & at times, even emotionally crushed & changed forever. This post brought back many memories for me, & I won`t get to much into it other than to say, sometimes familiar territory will often bring feelings to the forefront & leaving you feeling very exposed. And with that, I will end that topic & move on to the actual post 😉

I am pleased to bring you the PARAGON CAPS from REMARKABLE OBLIVION. Hope you enjoy the pics, I worked on this look all day, I can get so lost styling some days, lol.


5 different colors to choose from, all just as gorgeous as the others. If I could fall for a hat, lol this would be the one 🙂 And there you have it, surely a safer way to go, that`s it, I will only fall for clothing items from here on out 🙂 Who am I kidding, I`ve loved them more all along, lol

1234There is a bonus item also when you purchase these hats, the chained nose piercing that you see me wearing, each cap comes with one of these as well. You have the ability to wear or not to wear it, completely separate from the cap. 🙂 I`ll show you a close up of the piercing a few pics below.

There is a million different ways I could have went with this, but as soon as I soon these, I knew exactly the look I wanted 🙂

Colors – “Forever Black, Classic Camo, Made Plaid, Perfect Pink & Kremlin Grey”

PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage

Detail is absolutely amazing. Incredible work.







Closeup of the nose chain & piercing.11Relaxing at home….. with some of my favorite things…..





I love these!! I might just have to leave them out all over my bedroom 🙂

111And that will be all from me 🙂 As always a great big thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

Be kind to one another & if you can`t, then just get away from that person. SL is way to big to be miserable.


Skin – Abi tone 5 – ZOUL CREATIONS 

Makeup (eyeshadow) MYSTIC CANVASS

Hair – Both styles from EXXESS MESH HAIR    •NEW!•

Face piercing – “Kara” – SUICIDAL UNBORN     •NEW!•

Nose Chain with piercing & ALL caps “Paragon” – REMARKABLE OBLIVION      •NEW!• @ The Mens Dept

Collar – “Spiked” – MOYET

Boots & Corset – “Rivets” – ROSAL (I`ve changed textures & colors on these items)

Latex outfit – HUGO DESIGNS (parts from multiple outfits)

Full Body Tattoo – “Strong Spirit” – INSANYA

Armband (silver- from the Disturbia Outfit) – AVID

Armband (red skull) SINISTYLE

Wrist Cuffs – “Steel Cuffs” – CD, Candy Dollinger

Earrings – CREATIVES (sorry they closed)

Necklace – (from Unangel Outfit) – AVID


Nails – “Blood Nails”  & all others are from  JAMMAN     •NEW!•

Nipple Covers  & Chastity- (parts from Illustria Outfit) – AVID

Eyes – IKON


Other items –

Bedroom Prop – (includes walls, & bed) everything else added. – SOMETHING NEW (poses & props) Gifts available for 200FB likes.     •NEW!•

Vanity set with vanity stool & accessories – RUCA TEASE