Hi ladies, a few fabulous events are about to come to an end, so you have to HURRY! We`ll make this a rather short post so you can get on over to these events before the doors are closed forever!  THE BODY MOD EXPO, and also TOTALLY TOP SHELF are coming to an end, so today I`ll share with you a few more items from there as well as items from THE HALLOWEEN FAIR, CREEPY CUTIE CARNIVAL (closing soon), & KAWAII VS CREEPY GACHA EVENT. Just a lil note, Totally Top Shelf is taking a small break and will re-open Dec 1st – 24th with Fairies as the theme!! Can`t wait! I`ll also include a few items from The Cosmo Sales Room as well as The Cosmetic Fair from a few of my sponsors.

If your looking for amazing holiday props & poses, you should go see IMAGE ESSENTIALS. I`ve used 2 of their releases for what is the best online dating website uk At the end I`ll show you the vendor pics for both of these items.

From best dating places in pune these super cute Mummy Nails, I just thought were so darn adorable, I had to wear them 🙂

I`ve used a ton of items in this post, so I won`t bore you describing each & every one. A full list will be in credits & exactly where you can find them 🙂

Hope you enjoy the post & are ready to run all over & do lots of shopping!

dating traveling man – PLAY DEAD POSE0000PLAYDEAD_001

dating traveling man – WALKING DEAD / ZOMBIE POSE00000ZOMBIE 1_001


Vendor pics



IE - Play Dead 1

IE - Walking Dead 1




                                                                            CREEPY CUTIE CARNIVAL                                                                             

As always a great big hug & thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


“The Look”

tnt  palaise – drama chaise – gifts – HALLOWEEN FAIR

tnt palaise  – pumpkins alphabet series – gifts – HALLOWEEN FAIR

7mad ravens – signs – COSMO SALES ROOM

7mad ravens -bugged out cuffs –  HALLOWEEN FAIR

tlb – creepy collections handbags – KAWAII VS CREEPY GACHA EVENT

!nfinity – deadly crown v1 –      HALLOWEEN FAIR

jiggy doll – black – KAWAII VS CREEPY GACHA EVENT

ie – play dead / zombie –    HALLOWEEN FAIR

stelloanne dracula top/with wings & skirt- KAWAII VS CREEPY GACHA EVENT (this outfit comes with boots & accessories, not shown)

verocity – greed money stack (greed coffin pack) – KAWAII VS CREEPY GACHA EVENT

wow skins – annebelle –      HALLOWEEN FAIR

tlb – bats slink tattoo (hands)

brows & liner – deetalez – COSMETIC FAIR

los muertos set – ring, belly chain & bracelet – pomposity –  KAWAII VS CREEPY GACHA EVENT

twilight rings – !nfinity –      HALLOWEEN FAIR

se: (souzou eien) – readjustment halo –  TOTALLY TOP SHELF

lustrage – nabuko chain – luna –  BODY MOD EXPO

latreia – testify boots – CREEPY CUTIE CARNIVAL

ayashi – mishi hair –  BODY MOD EXPO

nail appliers – ZOZ – singles pack – mummy

pentagram forehead – paperbagCOSMETIC FAIR

kaala shoulder chains – sakide –  BODY MOD EXPO

tattoo – xtrem style – lace broken

10308078_1543354502558057_8667936851989832961_nThe Halloween Fair PosterTopShelf logoSnapshot_0423881ba08019e887c5ecf1b3506a86b97





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