Hi ladies!! I have to admit, I`ve taken pretty much the better part of today working on this post. I have spent hours editing, modding, creating & changing, lol I suppose this is the ones I love the most, because I get lost, lost in my imagination & don`t allow the time restraints to interfere. Now that doesn`t happen often, lol but when it does I will work for a few hours, then have to nap from my eyes going cockeyed looking at the screen so long. I know you know the feeling, we`ve all been there. So that`s what happened today, I prepared the look, (took forever) lol & then logged off, came back & did the photos & now here I am. I love this outfit I`m about to show you, I know you will too 😛 Get your lindens ready ladies, because this is one of those “must have” looks. Happy Shopping! 😉


It is my pleasure to bring you the Newest Release from a seriously talented designer – -{ZOZ}-. The outfit is called “FUCK OFF”, and comes in 4 colors right now, I hear more is in the works ;). Zoz left nothing out when creating this. First, the bra, thong, collar, & deco skulls are completely resizable through a hud that allows you to change the x,y,z separately. Therefore these will fit over your Lola`s too 😉 The armband is resized simply by clicking it. It was very easy to fit this outfit to my shape, in fact, I created a few shapes until I found one I liked, and each time resized the outfit again, lol. Easy peasy everytime 🙂 Oh, & just in case you need them, she packed alphas as well 🙂 I didn`t need them, but they are there if you do 🙂








ZOUL CREATIONS just released this sexy skin, her name is “Adriana”. She comes in 7 tones, with cleavage & without, light brow & no brow options, and makeups galore, 10 eyeshadows & 10 lipsticks. I`ll be working on a post exclusively for Adriana soon, but I just had to use her in this post 🙂 She was way tooooo sexy to leave sitting in my inventory, hehe.

My hair is a combination of hairs, lol I told you I got lost today in my imagination. I used hair from LoQ and also Miss C. I hid parts, combined others & viola, something new that I have never seen, worked for me 😉 Glam Affair has these beautiful flowered headbands at this round of FaMeshed, they are really beautiful, the “black” is shown below. Phoebe`s Jewelry just released a few items as well. Exclusive for Room69, “Izar” Mesh Rings with 6 metal changer. (The spike looking ring). You can get the matching “Izar” Earrings at this round of DESIGNER CIRCLE – They come in lots of great colors, black, bronze, gold, platinum, silver & even PINK!!

In the accessories pic below, you will also see a “Skull” Belly Piercing from POMPOSITY, “Famous” Ring from REMARKABLE OBLIVION, bracelets from Earthstones, “Kiss This” Pins from Hollyweird, boots from Pixel Fashion, Bangles from Izzie`s & I`ve also shown you a closeup of the deco skulls that come with the Fuck Off Outfit. More detailed credits will be listed at the end including LM`S.




And now, I`ll show you the other colors, honestly I chose the red at first without looking at them all. So that`s the one that got the most pics, but once I tried these on, OMG, I can`t choose a favorite now!!

This is FUCK OFF in “Candy”



FUCK OFF in “Silver”


FUCK OFF in “Gold”


These are seriously hot aren`t they ladies? 😉


I think I`ve covered everything I needed to talk about in this post 🙂 I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did in creating it 🙂

As always a great big hug & thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


•••(Important: A few of the items used were MOD & therefore I have changed size, color, & even made parts invisible)

Skin – “Adriana” ZOUL CREATIONS NEW!!

Hair – LoQ “Con Panna” AND MISS C. “Mex II”

Black eyebrows – “Bad Bitch” – tSg

“Izar” Earrings & ring – PHOEBE`S – Room69 & DESIGNER CIRCLE #62   NEW!!

Eyelashes – “Diamond Dust” REDGRAVE

Eyes – “Black” IKON

Boots – “Spiky Boots” – PIXEL FASHION

“Shattered” Tattoo – YAYO

“Kiss This” Pins – HOLLYWEIRD

Skull Belly Piercing – POMPOSITY

Angel Bites – PUNCTURE

“Shades of Stones” & “Jiya” Bracelets – EARTHSTONES

Double Arm Belt – ENDORPHIN

“Boho Headband in black” – GLAM AFFAIR @ FaMeshed (Glam Affair Main Store is closed for remodeling) NEW!!

Main Outfit – “Fuck Off” – ZOZ    NEW!!


“Silver & Black Bangles” – IZZIE`S

Mesh Hands – SLINK

Appliers for nails – FLAIR

Studded Red Clutch – Handverk

Belly Piercing – “Linked” The London Look – •(Note – The last item I blogged from this place, I had so many ppl messaging me about they were unable to find the place, which I don`t mind at all, however, I bought these piercing a very long time ago, so I`m not even sure if the place still exist. I did however, search the Marketplace, & the store there is no longer.) I`m sorry, I hope you are able to find them in-world 🙂


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